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Waycross-Ware County, GA

Targeted Industries

Targarted Industries

They say the key to success in real estate is location, location, location. Due to Waycross and Ware County 's location, our community serves as the regional hub to many neighboring communities.  Waycross and Ware County is within a day's drive to major airports,  ports, and interstates. This, in addition to the workforce and infrastructure, makes our community a desired location for the following industries. 


Warehousing and Logistics

Waycross-Ware County offers three key modes of transportation for warehousing and distribution highway, rail, and air. Due to the accessibility by these three transportation avenues, along with our proximity to the port, Waycross-Ware County this make the community a premier location for warehousing and distribution industries.  Drive times to major metros such as Jacksonville, Atlanta, Savannah, and Orlando are under a day’s time, reducing the loss of revenue often experienced in transportation of products.


With Waycross-Ware County being located within the heart of a wood basket, the community serves as a perfect opportunity for the timber industry. If the timber in our contiguous communities does not suit your needs because of our strategic location, other areas of timber, such as North Florida and Western Alabama are less than a day’s drive from our community.

Value Added Agriculture and Food Processing

The agriculture community serves as one of Waycross-Ware County’s largest employers. Due to the location of Waycross-Ware County, industries such as blueberry processing, pecan processing, local dairy’s, and various other companies have found themselves in our community. Recently, Waycross was chosen as the new headquarters for a new hand-made eggroll company.  Waycross is able to provide an experienced workforce that helps companies thrive.

Manufactured Homes

Three of Waycross’s top employers are manufactured housing companies. With Clayton Homes, Live Oak Homes, and Scotbilt having plants in Waycross-Ware county we can provide a skilled workforce. Additionally, due to the location of Waycross-Ware county, these industries can reach their needed locations in under a day’s drive.  Supporting industries for the manufactured housing arena could benefit by locating in our community.


Waycross-Ware County is the home to CSX’s Rice Yard. Because of this, we have found ourselves as the home to many service companies for rail cars.  These companies range from recycling, to cleaning, and even refurbishing cars. Due to the success of GATX, they have recently chosen Waycross-Ware County to be the location of an 18-million-dollar expansion. Local educational institutions offer certifications supporting the industry ensuring a large pipeline of skilled employees.


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