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The UberRetail Mobile Data

UberMedia participates in Real Time Bidding (RTB) networks. RTB networks are run by companies like Twitter, Google, AOL, etc., to offer small- and large-scale app publishers the ability to monetize their apps. UberMedia participates in 9BN auctions each day, both as a buyer and, due to the fact that we also are an app publisher, we also participate as a seller. During the course of participation in this marketplace, UberMedia receives a variety of data including such information as mobile device ID, App Name, Time & Date, and latitude and longitude when available. UberMedia then cleanses and anonymizes the data to be used within its UberRetail product lines.

UberRetail provides three proprietary data views that are designed to help make intelligent business insights: Common Evening Location, Common Daytime Location, and Path-to-Purchase.

Common Evening Location and Common Daytime Location are determined by a sophisticated algorithm developed by our data science team to provide anonymous information about where visitors likely live and/or work.

Path-to-Purchase data evaluates where a location’s visitors were in the two hours before arriving within the polygon. This data set shows the most traveled corridors into your location, whether it is an interstate, a residential route, or a public transportation path.

Day-parting filters can be applied to both data sets so that you can evaluate Common Evening/Daytime Location of lunch visitors vs. dinner visitors or Weekend Path-to-Purchase versus Weekday Path-to-Purchase.

Raw data:

  • Our location data includes only explicit (read: extremely accurate) mobile-GPS lat/long information. We don’t use cell tower data, dedicated car GPS, tiling, or extrapolated data. Our data is accurate to within 3-10ft, depending on a few hardware variables, but the bottom line is that it’s very accurate. 
  • We look at over 70,000 mobile apps and have sophisticated processes to certify quality location data. Anything that doesn’t meet our standards is thrown out.
  • We log 100,000 mobile phone data points per second.

Processing & Data Sets

  • Visitor and Path-to-Purchase data is structured so that we can query a vast amount of data very quickly to identify 1) who has been inside a store/location polygon and 2) where they were immediately before or after arrival.
  • Common Evening and Common Daytime locations are developed using a sophisticated offline process that evaluates all data for a given device ID and determines a single, high-confidence lat/long point where that device is “commonly” seen at night or during the day. These datasets are a strong proxy for Home and Work locations. If we don’t have enough info to derive this data point for a device we don’t make guesses, we simply don’t assign a data CEL or CDL point for that visitor


                                                           Regional Trade Area Map PDF


Walmart Supercenter Daytime

Walmart Supercenter Evening


Walmart Supercenter Path-to-Purchase


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