Gov. Kemp Calls on Georgia Businesses to Aid with Critical Health Care Needs

Governor Brian P. Kemp on Tuesday called on all Georgia businesses who are able to help the state provide, produce, distribute, or store critical health care items needed to fight the spread of COVID-19.

“As our state’s hardworking healthcare workers and first responders stand on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19, it is our job to come together as Georgians and arm them with the necessary resources to keep them safe and effective,” said Governor Kemp. “Now more than ever, I am confident in both our nation and our state’s ability to work in solidarity as we continue to fight spread of COVID-19. I ask all Georgia businesses who are able to support us in the fight against this global pandemic.”

Critical items include:

N-95 masks or equivalent
Air purifying machines
Face shields
Hair covers
Hand sanitizer
Hospital beds
Gloves (various sizes – nitrile or latex-free)
Negative pressure machines
No-touch thermometers (regular if no-touch are not available)
Safety goggles
Sanitation units
Sanitizing spray
Sanitizing wipes
Shoe covers
Surgical masks
Tyvek suits

Businesses able to provide assistance and resources with factories already up and running, or facilities that can be repurposed for these vital products, are asked to complete an informational form online here. This is simply for the purpose of collecting information. Submission of the form will not equate to a commitment by the state of Georgia to purchase.

To complete the information form, visit: